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Cannabigerol (CBG) Oil

Is your doctoring suggesting you take these for your pain/inflammation or stress/anxiety?
Medicine Prescription
If so, a natural alternative might be perfect for you.  

CBG is the Stem cell to common cannibinoids like CBD, THC, and CBC

At Holistic Healing, we specialize in high potency products.  Our CBG is no different.  Most CBN products have a less than a 500mg /oz potency.  Some have an ultra strong potency at 1000mg/oz.  Our product is a 1,500mg/oz potency. 


Currently, it is offered in a 1/3oz 500mg bottle or a 1oz 1,500mg bottle

Organic Hemp Extract + Organic MCT Oil 

Nothing is more natural!

Not only that, but our oil gives you a 1:1 Ratio of CBG to CBD.  This is not just CBG oil, but you are getting a full spectrum CBG oil. Studies have show that CBG coupled with other cannabinoids gives you the entourage-affect needed get you the pain relief and focus you need to keep you productive throughout the day.

Get or Give the "Gift of Focus" Today!

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