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Rose-Anne Cross

Founder of Holistic Healing

Bio coming soon.  

   Medically Retired

   Combat Veteran

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Tim has always been a jack of all trades.  From getting his pilot license at age 17 to working as a full time design engineer at age 18, he has done it all.  At age 20 he finished his Associate's degree in computer programming.  By 22, he was a fully licensed financial analyst (investing/ mortgage/ insurance).  By age 24, he was enlisted in the Army as a Helicopter Mechanic.  5 years later, he medically retired from the Army, but not before he finished his Bachelor's (Business) and 2 Master's Degrees (Business and Hospital Administration). 


After that, he went back and finished all of his Pre-Med (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry) Classes.  He is currently in charge of all manufacturing and developing of all our CBD related products. 

Tim is also an avid cyclist and triathlete.  He has completed everything from a 5k run to an Ironman Triathlon.  He has the mentality that if you're going to do something, work hard to be the best you can.  


He uses his knowledge and experience to help develop products that target the diverse needs of our customers.  From Professional Athletes, to our furry four-legged friends, to cancer-fighting patients, to children, and to the average  person with pain/inflammation and stress/anxiety, he is continually developing products to help them all. 

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