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Cannabinol (CBN) Oil

Is your body tired of taking these to sleep?
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If so, a natural alternative might be perfect for you.  
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CBN remains primarily valued as a potent sleep aid. According to an analysis from Steep Hill Labs, 5 mg of CBN is as effective as 10-mg of diazepam, a prominent pharmaceutical sedative. 

Why is ours better?

At Holistic Healing, we specialize in high potency products.  Our CBN is no different.  Most CBN products have a less than a 250mg /oz potency.  Some have an ultra strong potency at 500mg/oz.  Our product is a 1,500mg/oz potency.  Currently, it is offered in a 1/3oz 500mg bottle with a 1oz 1,500mg bottle coming soon.  

Organic Hemp Extract + Organic MCT Oil 

Nothing is more natural!

Not only that, but our oil gives you a 1:1 Ratio of CBN to CBD.  This is not just CBN oil, but you are getting a full spectrum CBN oil. Studies have show that CBN coupled with other cannabinoids gives you the entourage-affect needed to get you a good night sleep

Get or Give the "Gift of Sleep" Today!

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