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Thank you for trying a sample of our Non-Flavored Clean CBD Oil.  There is NO THC in this Broad Spectrum Oil.  This sample oil is at a 1500mg potency or 2.5mg per drop.  A 3rd-Party test of this batch can be found HERE. 

There are 2 ingredients in this CBD Oil.  Organic MCT Oil and Broad Spectrum CBD extracted from Hemp.  For this reason, no one can have a better, more natural, CBD Oil. The only thing others could do is match our quality.  At that point, it would only come down to cost.  


BEWARE!  Most CBD on the Market is NOT 3rd Party Tested.  Some say they are tested and don't have proof.  A lot of times we will help clients find out that they are paying for CBD that HAS NO CBD!


Our company was founded because of that reason.  Rose-Anne, our Founder, was taking CBD to help her with her Brain Tumor.   She did a ton of research and saw how it could help her.   After 4 months of taking it daily, there was no change, so she ended up having to need surgery.  After surgery, her husband couldn't believe this so he took the oil in to get it tested.  Turned out there was NO CBD IN THE OIL!!!  

This happens to too many people out there and our company is out to change this! 


Please EMAIL US if you have any questions.   

ALSO get answer from our FACEBOOK GROUP

Thank you for letting us have an opportunity to SERVE YOU!

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