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My husband is 36 years old and had a freak reaction to a steroid. He completely changed from a calm, able to mange a high stress job, very positive, to a tense anxious, on edge, and depressed.  He was on anxiety medication for almost a year.  This helped and he would say he was at 100% on meds.  He was told he could get off it and he slowly weaned himself off.  Soon, the anxiety came back and it was defiantly with a vengeance. 

After trying a low quality CBD, and not seeing the results that we expected, we decided to contact Rose-Anne and give CBD another chance before going back on the medications.  Within 2 weeks, he was noticeably different.  When asked how he feels, because it was so obviously different, he says “CBD keeps my mind from going to the places it went before.”  He would say that on CBD he is 90% normal. 

He is happy with this percentage compared to being on medications.  I think if we continue to play around with the dosage and may e actually take 3x per day, he could get to 100%.  We are thrilled with how this has changed our lives

Due to a position in a Church, they asked to remain anonymous. 

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